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Jack W a year ago

I was looking mainly for fast and good VPN for streaming.

First thing I did a speed test. I used fast.com, since it's powered by Netflix.

Without VPN: 100MBps

With VPN: 91MBps


- Fair price.
- Fast, like really fast
- Friendly support
- Nice and easy to use website
- THEY GOT REFERRAL SYSTEM (pm me for the link, I want some free months, jk)


- Only one protocol, OpenVPN
- They don't have their own client
- No dedicated IP
- Not that many servers in Europe, but it seems like they focus more on USA and Asia
- P2P is actually not allowed on all the servers. Support told me they will add specific servers in the future for torrenting.

Conclusion. Very nice. I been using it now for 2 months and plan to switch to an annual subscription.

Nic D a year ago

Great VPN!

Rock And Roll a year ago

reply to Jack Thanks for the review, buddy!

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