Tor Browser

It prevents somebody watching your internet connection


Nikita Timofiiv a year ago

Important to note that the Tor browser does not automatically make you invisible. The Tor network has a lot of caveats you should understand before using it.

Firstly, unless you block javascript at the browser level (which could break a lot of websites out there), you are still vulnerable to fingerprinting techniques and some other tracking methods.

Secondly, because of suspicious activity from other users + bots who also use Tor (and therefore might share an exit node with you), you could be subject to blocks or increased validation for your humanity (say with a captcha).

Thirdly, the Tor browser treats all cookies as session cookies, meaning that they are automatically purged after you close your browser, but during that session you are still subject to potential tracking.

There is much more a potential user should understand before feeling safe. Please take the time to read up on it before using it!

Good luck.

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