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Adriaan van Rossum creator a year ago

Hi everybody, I'm the creator of Simple Analytics and I'm happy to help with any questions you might have about how we take care of privacy within our platform. We think we do a very good job at not collecting data we don't need and still show relevant information to our customers.

Homer Simpson a year ago

reply to Adriaan Simple analytics is blocked by uBlock Origin (and will be blocked by others, eventually). Frankly, I am impressed how fast EasyList added you to their list [1]. They will block Fathom as well.

I was thinking about creating web analytics some time ago and that was the issue I kept coming back again and again: how to circumvent script blockers. One solution I came up with is to allow users to host the script/pixel themselves. It has its own challenges (e.g. how to update script for all users), but I think is a reasonable compromise.

P.S. You still have tracking on your homepage: Stripe & Intercom. I know, i know you need that for providing "the Service" & all that jazz, but is not truly private since thet track a boatloads of data. You gotta aim at 0 external trackers, if at all possible (at least in your marketing site).

Good luck!

[1] https://easylist.to/easylist/easyprivacy.txt

Homer Simpson a year ago

reply to Homer For the reference: https://github.com/easylist/easylist/pull/1855

Adriaan van Rossum creator a year ago

reply to Homer We are indeed blocked by a certain amount of lists. That will happen to every service that will get a lot of publicity or when it grows bigger.

Hosting the script does not solve the problem when you are using an external API like Simple Analytics. We are considering back end tracking and possibly with front end tracking. Both the front- and back end code will be on the customers' domain. This way it will be hard to block the scripts.

We use Stripe and Intercom on our website and indeed they track our customers, but NOT the visitors of our customers. We are testing with these platforms and if we see the real value we will replace the front end scripts with a back end implementation or replace it with our own code.

Adriaan van Rossum creator a year ago

Will killed one tool from our 3rd-party scripts. We were using SatisMeter to get the NPS from our customers, but we have built it ourselves and remove the plugin. The only plugins left are Stripe and Intercom. They require a little more work to implement without 3rd-party scripts, but they will be next!

Adriaan van Rossum creator a year ago

Killed another tool from our 3rd-party scripts. Intercom is now gone, we replaced it with Intergram which is self-hosted. Intercom keeps private information (IP, location) from your visitors for 9 months. While they comply with GDPR it's unacceptable for the (potential) customers of Simple Analytics.

Adriaan van Rossum creator a year ago

Today I also changed the time of loading Stripe scripts. They now load when a user clicks on "Start free trial". Which makes it very hard for them to track Simple Analytics' users. When I have more time available I will change that process to the back end completely.

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